Today another step into the right direction….

It may be a little step forward… But it is still something.
Today I went out of the house to a sort of place where they play bands and stuff, but the place was so crowded that I freaked out completely….. Thank you Agoraphobic Panic attack, what the heck?

Then I went to the Skate-park nearby my house and I entirely freaked out by the thought of skateboarding in front of all those watching eyes……. It’s like their eyes drill me to death lol. It’s just a weird feeling, you know?

Then I walked up to a bunch of skaters (around 20’s age) and I said Hi to one guy with blonde long hair and I said Im new here and thought I’d drop by to see if it’s fun around here at the skatepark. He offered me a cigarette and then he asked me a bunch of questions, he actually was a guitarist and he wanted my FB to go jamming together. So that’s really epic. Then I picked up my Board and I made a Grind on the rails and then I went away……. And freaked the fuck out and went home again.

It was only 10 minutes… Pure torture of Social Anxiety being around all those strangers only by myself but at least I made friends and someone to jam with….. Nice nice

So I will look forward to going there more often, but thinking of going back hits me big time, nerves all over…. But soon I’ll go back to the scary skate park šŸ˜›

10 Min


Made friends

Did one trick on board while being watched




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