A transman with a woman soul

A transman,
he understands when you talk about feelings.
He coresses your belly when you have your period.
He cooks for you when you are feeling belly ache.
He maybe likes click flicks or pink.
Or his character is just like a real man and watches soccer.
Some transman DO have a woman soul.
That does not mean that they are a woman.
It just means that you can perceive the world as a woman’s perspective.
A transman mostly is more sensitive than a cis man, all though cis man can be emotional too.
But a transman, like me (well half, i’m also female two gendered). Can sometimes embrace the woman inside of himself.

Some lesbians date transman, because they are tender.
Some straight women date transman, because they are not that macho because transmen when they were a woman they disliked the attention of all those hunters.

Transmen are sweet. that’s my message.


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